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Who we are?

Raif Group of Companies was published in Egypt in 1966. We work in the field of importing, manufacturing and trading furniture, curtains, clothes and accessories. As we are partners of Turkish company Brilliant; one of the most powerful pioneers of curtains in the world, in addition, Strategic Chinese partnerships for manufacturing Chinese technology.

We look forward to be in every house – office – hotel – building in Egypt and the Arab world, to satisfy the taste of our customers with the highest standards of quality and customer service at competitive prices. We work in the wholesale and retail sectors. We have more than 13 branches and showrooms in the Arab Republic of Egypt, in addition to wholesale customer management office, as well as, curtain embroidery factory in partnership with Brillant.

Raif Group follows in all its dealings the principles of integrity, respect, credibility and professionalism. We pay attention to training and developing our human cadres and their ability, as well as, raising their efficiency in all administrative, technical and leadership aspects. Now Raif, as a family business, has a second generation of young youth leading the stage of development, which considers one of the main strengths of Raif Group.

About us

The general vision of Raif Group of Companies:

We look forward to reach every home in Egypt and the Arab world through the manufacture and trade of curtains – leather – fabrics and offer them to our customers with high quality, appropriate prices and the latest technological methods. We adopt the principles of customer service, respect, integrity and continuous development.


About us

Our Message:

Our mission is to be a mirror of your good taste and help you reach a better quality of life.

About us

Our Value:

  1. Integrity and respect
  2. Quality and professionalism
  3. Customer satisfaction
  4. Commitment
  5. Loyalty and belonging

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